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Service Agreements

All new clients will receive an onsite business technology assessment to help us determine what type of service agreement is best for you.

This assessment will focus primarily on how your company uses or can use technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.


We will:

Examine existing technology

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Database Management systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Business Applications


Examine current processes and solutions

Learn how current systems are being used and what the new systems might require. When we examine the current processes and solutions we will identify the following:
Inefficiencies, also known as bottlenecks, in the current processes and solution. For example, processes that consume an excessive amount of resources such as employee effort, equipment, time, or money.

Critical incidents that determine whether or not a process or the current solution succeeds:

  • Skills and knowledge required for the current processes and solution.
  • Potential skills and knowledge required for the new processes and solution.
  • How a new business solution might affect workers' current roles and responsibilities.


Identifying Business Requirements
We will develop an overall picture of a business. We will learn what is critical to your business, such as its success factors and customers' expectations. In addition we will examine your business' objectives and long-term goals. With a high-level view of your business, we can understand your internal and external challenges. understanding what makes a business succeed is critical before we can evaluate and identify whether or not requirements are valid.

The following are examples of some possible requirements:

  1. Reliable and fast delivery of e-mail messages.
  • Greater than 99.7 percent up time for critical systems.
  • Accessibility of systems through dial-up and Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.
  • Over-the-wire encryption of data sent between servers.
  • Develop a plan including new hardware and software needs as well as upgrades to existing technology and future goals.


For more information or to schedule your free on site business technology assessment contact us today.